Cross Curricular Lessons for Spring

by Kids Discover

Spring is here! Tomorrow, March 20th, is the first official day of Spring. We hope that no matter where you call home, the final signs of winter are beginning to wane and warmer weather is on its way. To get your students in the spirit of the new season, here are 5 Cross-Curricular lesson ideas from Units on Bees, Butterflies, and more! See you later Winter!

Language Arts

Many proverbs and idioms include references to birds. Ask students to find the meanings of these proverbs and idioms: The early bird gets the worm, a bird in the hand is worth two in a bush, birds of a feather flock together, it’s for the birds, a bird’s-eye view, in the catbird seat. Students might illustrate the literal meaning of a saying and write the saying and its meaning on the page.

Social Studies

Every state in the United States produces honey. Which states produce the most honey? Ask students to find out the largest producers of honey and to prepare a graph to illustrate the information. Suggest that students make a bar graph so that production amounts can easily be compared.


Have students find examples of artworks that feature flowers. They might display prints of Georgia O’Keeffe’s magnified flowers, Claude Monet’s impressionist garden scenes, or floral radiographs by modern x-ray photographers. Ask students to provide the name of the painting or image and information about the artist as they show the prints they present.

Language Arts

Have students write a short story in which a metamorphosis takes place. In other words, students should write about someone or something that starts out as one thing and turns into something else during the course of the story.


Have students use a digital camera to photograph a plant they grow from seed. Encourage them to take at least two photographs every day. Students can use their photographs to make a flipbook that shows the process of growth or to make a time-lapse video clip.


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