Cross-Curricular Lessons for Spring 2024

by Kids Discover

Cross-Curricular Lessons for Spring

Spring is almost here! Next week, March 19th, will be the first official day of Spring. Depending on where you live, or when you have Spring Break, it still could be a few more weeks before the signs begin to appear. Throughout our Kids Discover Online library, we have several Units that will invoke the feel of a new season. Bees, Butterflies, and Birds, oh my! Here are 5 Cross-Curricular lesson ideas to help leave Winter in your rear-view mirror. 

Cross-Curricular Lessons for Spring, Teacher Resources, Kids Discover

Bees: Language Arts

English has many idioms that refer to bees. Talk with students about what idioms are and why we have them. Explain that an idiom is an expression with a meaning that differs from the meaning of the individual words in the expression. Have students research different bee idioms and record their findings on this ‘Buzzing Bees’ worksheet. Idioms include busy as a bee, the bee’s knees, make a beeline for, none of your beeswax, and a bee in one’s bonnet. For more information on our relationship with bees, students can read the People, Bees, and Honey Through Time Topic

Flowers: Social Studies

Most states in the United States have adopted a flower as one of their state symbols. Students can use reference materials or online resources to learn about the state flower of your state or those states nearby. Have students write a brief report about why that flower was chosen and what it symbolizes. As an alternative, you may wish to assign various states to students. Students can write a paragraph about their assigned state. They can also record their findings on this State Flowers Worksheet

Butterflies: Science

After reading about a butterfly’s Life Cycle, have students make their own chart showing the metamorphosis from a butterfly egg to an adult. Students should present each stage clearly, both visually and in writing. All the charts can be displayed on a bulletin board.

Cross-Curricular Lessons for Spring, Teacher Resources, Kids Discover

Birds: Art

John James Audubon spent many years drawing the birds of North America. Encourage students to find out more about Audubon and his work. Ask them to prepare short oral presentations describing the artist’s work. They can use prints or art books to visually reinforce their presentations. Cross-Curricular Lessons for Spring, Teacher Resources, Kids Discover

Plants: Math

Have students plan a vegetable or flower garden. They should make scale drawings of the plan, showing where each kind of plant would be located and how many of each plant is needed. For students to decide what to include in their garden, they either refer to our Plants in Our Daily Lives Topic or our Vitamin and Minerals Topic from the Nutrition Unit

Cross-Curricular Lessons for Spring


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