Summer Reading Program: Learn About Your Favorite Animals

by Kids Discover

Some of the most wonderful childhood memories are made at the zoo. The excitement of seeing your favorite animals up close and personal will last a lifetime. If you can’t make a trip to the zoo this summer, here are 5 Topics that cover nearly every corner of the Animal Kingdom.

Lions and Cheetahs

Most big cats are complete loners. But lions are social. They live together in prides on the grasslands of Africa, and spend much of the day snoozing on the ground or on rocks. At dusk, the pride becomes more active. They like to groom each other, nuzzling and licking each other’s heads and necks.

Plants and Animals in Different Climates

You’ll never meet a polar bear in a desert, and there’s a good reason for that. Polar bears are built for cold places. For example, their thick fat and heavy fur help keep heat in their bodies. Polar bears are really, really good at staying warm. They’re so good at it that they can get overheated even when temperatures are cool.

What Are Amphibians?

Amphibians (frogs and salamanders are the main types) are a super-cool, freaky group of animals. Although amphibians need to live in or near water to survive, individual species have evolved incredible adaptations that allow them to survive in wild places all over the world.

Lungs of Different Animals

We humans aren’t the only creatures with lungs. All mammals have them, from the tiny bumblebee bat, the smallest mammal, to the great blue whale, the largest. So do spiders, lizards, frogs, and many other creatures. But no lungs can compare to birds’ lungs for efficiency and flow.

Island Plants and Animals

As time passes, animals and plants may change as they adapt to the environment. Once an animal or plant gets used to being on an island, it may change a lot. It could become a very different species. It may end up very unlike its ancestors and relatives on the mainland. Some unique species have evolved on islands.


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