Teaching April 2024

by Kids Discover

As the Spring season blossoms, April brings a time of change and fresh possibilities. From environmental conservation to celebrating incredible heroes, here are six important days from history for your students to explore with Kids Discover.

April 3 – Jane Goodall’s Birthday

Celebrate the groundbreaking work and legacy of Jane Goodall on her birthday, April 3rd. As a pioneer in primatology and conservation, Goodall’s tireless efforts have reshaped our understanding of chimpanzees and the natural world. Explore her journey and contributions in our NEW Jane Goodall Unit, designed to inspire curiosity and environmental stewardship among students of all ages.

April 7 – Everglades Day

At one of the most southern points in the United States lies the Everglades. These 1.5 million acres of wetlands are home to hundreds of animal species, many found nowhere else in the world, and are crucial to the heritage and culture of Florida. One of the Everglades’ greatest champions was Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a journalist and conservationist who saw the beauty and understood its importance. In honor of her birthday, April 7th, we also celebrate Everglades Day. No matter where you call home, your students will love to read from The Everglades, part of our Wetlands Unit.

April 8 – Total Solar Eclipse

Get ready for an extraordinary celestial event on April 8th—the Total Solar Eclipse. As the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, casting its shadow across our planet, students can delve into the science of eclipses with our Sun Unit and Moon Unit. Let our Solar Eclipse Resource Page be your one-stop shop for understanding this cosmic phenomenon. 

April 15: Jackie Robinson Debuted in MLB (1947)

In 1947, Jackie Robinson made history by becoming the first African American to play in Major League Baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers. His courageous stand against segregation paved the way for racial equality in sports and beyond. As we commemorate his legacy on Jackie Robinson Day, introduce your students to this inspiring figure with our Jackie Robinson Unit.

April 18 – San Francisco Earthquake

In 1906, one of the biggest earthquakes in U.S. history struck the major city of San Francisco, California. To make matters worse, the earthquake also broke the city’s water pipes, leaving 80% of the city in rubble or destroyed by fire. Earthquakes are an unpredictable force of nature that have been part of our planet for all of its 4.6 billion years. In our Earthquakes Unit, students will learn about how they work, how we measure them, and how humanity has learned to live with them. 

April 22 – Earth Day

The first Earth Day was in 1970, and is said to be the beginning of the modern environmental movement. On this day we take time to think about how we’ll build a healthy, sustainable environment, address climate change, and protect the Earth for future generations. Explore our Discover Map to find dozens of topics in Earth Science, within units such as Wetlands, Oceans, and Geology. For a deeper conversation on protecting your community’s environment, check out our unit on Conservation, which includes topics like Sustainability, Our Carbon Footprint, and Landfills and Recycling.

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