Teaching February

by Elisabeth Morgan

This February we’re diving into some exciting science and social studies material about Civil Rights, Ancient China, President’s Day, and the history of Valentine’s Day. Follow along with Kids Discover to supplement your lessons throughout the month. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates. Happy Leap Year, and happy learning!


Black History Month

bus_1400Our unit on the Civil Rights movement introduces kids to the protests, violence, and political upheaval that marked this period and continue to be relevant today. Topics include Defining Civil Rights, The Rise of Segregation, Heroes of the Movement, and more.  In addition, we have featured units on revolutionary icons Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Jackie Robinson.


February 5th – Constitution of Mexico Day

skyfish_mexicoThis official holiday celebrates the anniversary of Mexico’s current constitution, which was put into place in 1917. For kids interested in our Southern neighbors, our print issue on Mexico leads readers through the country’s long and complicated history of powerful empires, Spanish rule, and eventually, total independence in 1821.




February 8th – Chinese New Year

In our unit on Ancient China, kids will read about the major dynasties of the Empire and find out what life was like for everyone on the ladder of Chinese society, from royals to peasants. The topic Celebrating the Chinese New Year teaches them about the many festivals that enliven Chinese life, and about the colorful Chinese lunar calendar.




February 11th- National Inventors’ Day

Edison_WRH_700Thomas Edison liked to say that genius is “1 percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration.”  To celebrate Edison’s birthday and this national holiday, your students can read about the latest and greatest Inventions, from ones that took years of development – like computers, TVs, and cars – to the ones that were the result of sheer serendipity, like safety glass, Velcro, and popsicles.

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Feb 14- Valentine’s Day

Venus_Mars_1060Did you know the Heart is the only organ in the body with its own international holiday? Ever since the Middle Ages, sweethearts have swapped cards, candies, and flowers every February 14. Learn about the origins of this special day with our topic Valentine’s Day.


Feb 15- President’s Day

Washington-Monument_1400Celebrate the legacies of U.S. Presidents by learning about our capital. In Washington, D.C. kids will take a comprehensive tour of our capital city, learning about its rich history, monuments, and notable figures. For those interested in our most iconic leaders, our unit on Lincoln tells the story of the Great Emancipator. And in George Washington, kids will learn about a humble, modest, and kind man, who probably didn’t strike many as a great military hero.


Feb 21- Mother Language Day

Khomkrit Phonsai_languageWhere did language come from? And where is it going? These questions and more are answered in our print issue on Language, which investigates theories about how humans learned to speak, how languages have developed over time, and the process by which new words are born, old ones fade out, and others change meaning.


Endangered_Species_3_700Feb 27- National Polar Bear Day

In our topic Alaska, kids will read about the beloved polar bear and other arctic animals. Now listed as “threatened” under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, the polar bear was the first species added to the list because of the risk posed by global warming. Learn more with our topic Endangered Species.

Elisabeth Morgan

Elisabeth Morgan is Kids Discover's content and community manager. She participated in the Teacher's Assistantship Program in France and was an assistant teacher at the International School of Louisiana in New Orleans before moving to New York to go to Columbia Journalism School. She joined the Kids Discover team in 2015.


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