Teaching June

by Kids Discover

Finish the year strong with these timely learning resources. This month we’ll dive into earth science units on World Environment and Oceans Day, and peer back in history on the anniversary of D-Day and Flag Day. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, or Pinterest to keep up with these timely resources throughout the month. Have a great one!


Monday, June 5th: World Environment Day

conservationWorld Environment Day spreads global awareness about environmental protection. This year’s theme is “Connect with nature” and encourages people to get outdoors to appreciate its beauty.  On this day have kids explore their natural surroundings and pour over topics like Sustainability, Plants in our Daily Lives, and The Balance of Nature from our units on Ecology and Conservation. (Find our Earth Science units available as Print Titles here!)


Tuesday, June 6th: 73rd Anniversary of D-Day

d-day map_victory-in-europeOn this day in 1944, allied troops invaded the shores of Normandy, France against the Nazis. Teach kids about the events that marked the beginning of the end of World War II with our topic Victory in Europe. (Available in print here!) 


Thursday, June 8th: World Oceans Day

world-oceans-day_vents-volcanoes-and-mountainsCelebrate World Oceans Day in your classroom by learning about the many mysterious and incredible features of our watery planet. Our unit on Oceans includes topics like How the Oceans Formed, Ocean Myths and Legends, and the Layers of the Ocean.  (Also available as a Print Title!)


Wednesday, June 14th: Flag Day

flag day_women-and-the-revolutionFlag day commemorates the adoption of the American Flag in 1777. The story that seamstress Betsy Ross made the first flag for the new country was first told by her grandson almost 100 years after the Revolution began. Today, though, most historians question the truth of this story. Kids will read more about the time our flag was created in our topic Women and the Revolution from our unit on the American Revolution. (Available in print, too!)


Monday, June 19th: Juneteenth/Freedom Day

African American TroopsJuneteenth celebrates the announcement of the end of slavery in Texas in 1865, two years after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. While this is a day to celebrate freedom, it’s also one to reflect on how far the U.S. has come with civil rights and where we need to go next. Our topics Free at Last and The Civil War tell the story of the events leading up to Emancipation. And you can continue the conversation with our unit on Civil Rights. (Also available as a Print Title.)


Wednesday, June 21st: Summer Solstice

summer_solstice_rotation-revolution-and-eclipsesJune 21st is the first official day of summer. When the North Pole slants toward the Sun, the planet’s northern half enjoys the warmth of summer. Help kids understand the concept of seasons with our topic Rotation, Revolution and Eclipses, in our unit on the Sun. (Available in print here.)


Friday, June 30th: Meteor Day

meteor-day_Meteor_ShowerThe last day of June is a prime time to spot flashes of light in the night sky. Our topics Meteors and Moon Rocks, from our unit on Geology, will explain to kids that what they’re seeing isn’t actually a shooting star, but a giant space rock called a meteor. They can also learn the difference between Comets, Asteroids and Meteorites from our unit on the Solar System. (Find our space science Print Titles here!) 


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