Teaching March 2024

by Kids Discover

As you gear up for the end of winter, warmer weather, longer days, and the promise of Spring Break are on the horizon. Farther out still, the approaching end of the school year brings excitement for both students and teachers. Give your classroom something new to learn about with these relevant Units and Topics from Kids Discover. 

Women’s History Month

Throughout the history of the United States, extraordinary women have played pivotal roles in shaping our nation. March marks Women’s History Month, offering an opportunity to introduce your students to these remarkable stories. Kids Discover proudly presents NEW Units on Jane Goodall and Bessie Coleman, women who broke barriers in their respective fields, inspiring future generations of women. You can also share our Suffragists Unit to teach students women’s rights, starting with a look after the Revolutionary War, through the advancements of the 20th century, to the work that still needs to be done today.

March 1 – Yellowstone Park Established (1872)

In 1872, Yellowstone National Park, the first of its kind, opened its pristine wilderness to the nation. This historic event marked the beginning of the National Parks system. Dive into our Destinations Unit to explore the wonders of Yellowstone and its significance in preserving America’s natural beauty. Additionally, venture into the Volcanoes Unit, uncovering the forces that shaped Yellowstone, tying together our National Parks and the volcanic history of this remarkable landscape.

March 3 – World Wildlife Day

Recognized by the United Nations in 2013, this day is a global celebration of wild animals around the world. The theme for this year is “Connecting people and the planet.” Seize this chance to instill a sense of responsibility toward our environment in your students! Dive into our Jane Goodall, Ecology, Conservation, and Endangered Species Units. Explore captivating wildlife topics such as Animals of the Rain Forest and Plants and Animals in Different Climates for an engaging learning experience.

March 5 – Boston Massacre (1770)

As tensions escalated on the road to the American Revolution, the Boston Massacre of 1770 emerged as a defining moment. Chart the course of events leading to this tragic event by immersing yourself in our comprehensive Boston Tea Party Unit. Extend your understanding of the era with our American Revolution Unit, unraveling the impact of the Boston Massacre on the journey for independence.

March 15 – Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Birthday

Today marks the birth of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Brooklyn, New York—an inspirational figure synonymous with the battle for women’s rights. Graduating at the top of her class at Columbia Law School in 1959, her epic career paved the way for a long tenure on the US Supreme Court, beginning in 1993. During her 27 years on the bench, she continued to fight against gender discrimination and inspired countless women around the world. 

March 19 – First Day of Spring

For our friends in the Midwest and Northeast especially, I’m sure this day can’t come soon enough. While the “feeling” of Spring is a little less predictable, the season officially begins the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator. Get your students excited about longer days and warmer weather with some of our Spring based Units. I suggest Units such as Flowers, Bees, Birds, Plants, or Butterflies for some fun reading. 

March 23 – National Puppy Day

From wet noses to a wagging tail, few things feel better after a long school day than finding your devoted, loving four-legged friend at the door. Since you probably can’t bring your own pup into the classroom, consider doing so digitally! In our Dogs Unit, students will learn more about man’s best friend and why they mean so much to us humans! 


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