Teaching September

by Kids Discover

Whether you’ve started already, or are beginning this week, welcome back! School is officially in full-swing all across the country. We hope you had a great summer and are ready to make learning fun again this year! As always, follow us on InstagramTwitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to keep up with these timely resources and what you can be teaching in September 2019!

September 1 – World War II Begins (1939)

Throughout the 1930s, as democratic countries like Britain, France, and the United States did little to stop the Axis powers, their dictators grew bolder. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. Britain and France then finally declared war on Germany–and World War II had begun. Kids can read about the Declaration of War in this Unit–which is also available in print.


September 6 – Pilgrims Depart for the New World (1620)

It was almost 400 years ago that the first English Puritans, known today as the Pilgrims, left Plymouth, England for the New World. Teach kids about the rough journey they had on The Mayflower, and what life was like in Colonial America–for those who survived the trip.

SNEAK PEEK: Get a behind the scenes look at Kids Discover artist Ed Gabel as he designed the above graphic for this Unit!


September 16 – Mexican Independence Day

Our neighbors to the south, Mexico, had a long and complicated history of powerful empires and Spanish rule, but eventually gained total independence in 1821. Kids will love learning about Mexico’s Geography. From exploring mountains and deserts to sitting on a sandy beach with palm trees. Or, teach them about the country’s holidays, some of which are celebrated in the U.S. (And don’t forget to check out the Print Title too!)


September 17 – Constitution Day

The Constitution, covered by Kids Discover in both digital and print formats, explains how the U.S. government is organized and different departments’ separation of powers. Topics like Other Changes to the Constitution will teach kids about updates, also known as amendments, that’ve been proposed over time. Also, be sure to check out our Print Title, Kids Discover American Government. Which introduces kids to the three branches of government and their responsibilities.


September 23 – Neptune Discovered (1846)

Neptune was first spotted in the night sky on September 23, 1846, thanks to advancements in telescopes. In our Topic Uranus, Neptune and the Dwarf Planets, teach kids about the discovery of the “blue planet” and other similar ones. Then use our Units on Planets and Solar System to expand on this anniversary! (Find both of these subjects, Planets and Solar System, as Print Titles)


September 24 – Supreme Court of the United States Established (1789)

The Judiciary Act of 1789 was adopted on September 24, 1789 in the very first session of the First United States Congress. It established the federal judiciary as is one of the three branches of the federal governments. Then, vested power in the newly created Supreme Court. In this FREE mini-Unit you’ll learn about the Origins of The Supreme Court and The Nine Justices sitting on the bench.


September 29 – World Heart Day

On #WorldHeartDay, the World Heart Federation urges you to teach about the importance of keeping your heart healthy. Our in-depth Unit on the Heart shows the intricacies of how the organ works, The Heart’s Purpose and Function, and tips for Keeping the Heart Healthy! And yes…you can get this subject in print format too!

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