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(NEW YORK, NY) April 1, 2016 – Science and social studies publisher Kids Discover today announced the launch of Dogs Discover, an interactive, digital library of literacy material for man’s best friend. The new unit, which will be available at no charge, includes seven topics tailored to canine readers, including Working Dogs, Dog Communication Skills, and Physical Characteristics.

“The American Psychological Association has shown that dogs understand more than 150 words,” said Ted Levine, the president and CEO of Kids Discover. “And there is plentiful anecdotal evidence that dogs can read. With Dogs Discover, we will finally help our four-legged friends reach their fullest potential.”

According to Levine, teaching dogs to read has a number of practical applications. “Our units will help dogs understand signs such as ‘Please Keep Off the Grass’ and food labels such as ‘Chocolate’ or ‘For Cats Only.’ Our unit on recognizing numbers will empower dogs around the country to ride public transportation on their own. And who doesn’t love a video of a dog getting on a bus?”

Dogs Discover also has an altruistic mission. “Literate dogs will be invaluable as service animals. Imagine a dog that can not only fetch the newspaper, but understand and summarize the headlines. When it comes to literacy, dogs have just begun to scratch the surface. Bowie, who heads up Quality Assurance for Dogs Discover, has given all of our new lessons two paws up. Bowie is currently reading at a 14-year-old level (in dog years).”

To inspire a worldwide conversation about canine literacy, the company has launched #DogsDiscover to encourage people around the world to share photos and success stories of their dogs learning to read and putting their skills to use for themselves and the humans who love them. Readers can participate on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To celebrate today’s launch, Kids Discover will donate a full set of its 140 print titles and a percentage of its April 1 sales to the Shelter Buddies Reading Program, which was designed to help shelter dogs become more adoptable and to nurture empathy in children by having them sit outside of dogs’ kennels and read to them. “Dog Discover and Shelter Buddies Reading Program is a match made in heaven,” said Levine. “We certainly support kids reading to dogs, and we look forward to a day when we will see dogs reading to kids.”

For a limited time, the mobile version of Dogs Discover comes with a screen protector to prevent tablets and smartphones from getting scratched by eager canine learners.

For more information, please visit DogsDiscover.com.

About Dogs Discover

Dogs Discover is the premier provider of canine literacy materials, as well as screen protectors that allow dogs to safely engage with tablets and smartphones. 

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