Teaching May 2024

by Kids Discover

Welcome to May, a month filled with possibilities for enriching classroom experiences. Explore this collection of Units and Topics designed to spark curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of the world around us. From historical milestones to engineering marvels, Kids Discover Online has everything you need to make this May memorable for your students.

May 4 – Construction Begins on Panama Canal (1905)

Although the Panama Canal was completed over 100 years ago, it is still considered one of the greatest engineering feats of modern history. The construction began on this day in 1905. In our Panama Canal Unit, your students will learn about the challenges the project faced, discover the geopolitical controversy between the U.S. and Panama, and take an interactive tour through the Canal itself.

May 8 – V-E Day is Celebrated in America and Britain (1945)

After years of war and hardship, the United States and Great Britain celebrated V-E Day. Victory in Europe Day marked Germany’s unconditional surrender on May 8th, 1945, and the end of World War II in Europe. In our World War II Unit, students can learn about the beginning of this global conflict and its significant events.

May 18 – Mount St. Helens Eruption (1980)

Mount Saint Helens lies in between the cities of Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. It’s also one of the most famous volcanoes in the United States. An earthquake that hit the area in 1980 ultimately led to its catastrophic eruption. Volcanoes are a force of nature that has fascinated people for generations. Our Volcanoes Unit gives students an inside look at a volcano, how they form, and how we have learned to live with them

May 19 – National Endangered Species Day 

Elephants. Tigers. Gorillas. Oh my! What do these amazing creatures have in common? They are some of the biggest, coolest, and most loved animals on the planet. They are all also endangered species. Endangered Species Day was created to celebrate efforts to protect endangered species. Prepare for this day by reading our Free Mini-Unit on Endangered Species, which includes topics like Biodiversity and Evolution, The Human Impact, and Preserving Habitats and Protecting Wildlife

May 21 – American Red Cross Founded (1881)

Clara Barton was no ordinary 19th century woman. A model of strength, intelligence, determination, and grit, she was a role model by any calculation. To celebrate the founding of the American Red Cross in 1881, students can take a deep dive into our Clara Barton Unit, from a childhood with few playmates to an adulthood of accomplishments still known and very much relevant today.

May 27 – Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an occasion to pay tribute to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives while serving in the United States armed forces. People nationwide commemorate this day by participating in various services and events. As you enlighten your students about the importance of this holiday, you can start with The Monuments of Our Capital Topic from our Washington, D.C. Unit. This will help your students gain insights into the history and significance of the war memorials in the capital. Following this, students can delve into other relevant Units, such as those covering the Civil War, World War I, or World War II


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